Research & Development

Our Process

The innovation and cutting-edge products that Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. is known for are possible because of our research and development team. Our elite team of engineers is small, and each member is valued for their unique skillset and creative ability.

Our dynamic management approach encourages innovation, and we readily give our team the freedom and tools they need to go above and beyond in their work.

At our in-house facilities our engineers have state-of-the-art resources at their disposal. They’re encouraged to make use of our clean room, environmental chamber, RF anechoic chamber, lasers, 3D printer and PCB layout software to help them uncover innovations and develop new products.

While we hold our team to a high standard, their success is a product to the even higher standard in which they hold themselves to. This, combined with our dedication to the continued improvement of our facilities is why Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. continues to be a leader in the lighting industry.

Test Area

RF Anechoic Chamber

Light Lab

Quantum Dots



Power LED

Heat Pipe


Our Method

While our cutting edge technology makes us leaders in innovation, our values are what set us apart from the rest of the industry. Spectrum Manufacturing values our engineers, and we understand that it takes more than technology to make a manufacturer great.

At Spectrum Manufacturing we believe in recognizing the value in all ideas, and by focusing on Collaborative Team Work and always operating from a place Mutual Respect, we help each engineer realize their potential.

The Spectrum Manufacturing team's commitment to operating with integrity is what drives us to create award winning products of only the highest quality.

ESTA Members Choice Award

WFX New Product Award

Cine Gear Expo Tech Award

Live Design International Award

PLASA Innovation Award

PLSN Gold Star Product Award

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