Manufacturing Process

Our Process

The manufacturing process at Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. is one of the many things that sets us apart from other lighting manufacturers. As a part of a broad-range vertical integration strategy Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. has a unique perspective on the lighting industry that allows us to practice a nimble manufacturing process. This includes a 48 hour “burn-in” period and 100% testing for all LED products. Our production is based on consistency, speed and quality. All our processes are documented and controlled from beginning to end.

The products shown below illustrate the broad range of products and accessories that Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. has the technical design and manufacturing expertise to produce.

The company welcomes inquires from distributors and end users to design and develop products for the stage lighting industry.

For information on distributors/dealers of the company's products and /or additional technical or product information please contact us.

Our Facilities

Creative LED

Over the years Spectrum has revolutionized the creative LED lighting market by manufacturing innovative technology, we continue to set high standards in the industry with our range of solutions that combine innovation and versatility. The latest generation of LED fixtures uses our advanced technologies to provide exceptional light output, dimming and RGBA colour blending ---ideal for  performance and architectural lighting applications. 

Color Force II

Color One 100X


Creative White Light

Creative White Light products are specifically designed for TV, film, studio, broadcast and other applications requiring a high output white light source for hard or soft area or scenic illumination. Features include exceptional quality and extreme levels of light output from an LED source; tuneable white control; homogenized optics; built in power supplies, convection cooling or adjustable fan modes for quiet operation.


Product options include LED soft lights, PARs and compact or full length battens, plus DMX or wireless control versions.

Space Force

Studio Force II

Studio Force Phosphor

Studio One 100

LED House Light

LED House Lights are a powerful creative lighting tool that Spectrum Manufacturing is proud to manufacture. These lights provide users with the ability to transform the look and feel of their venue by seamlessly transcending the physical barrier between stage and audience.

Inspire Range

Control and Data Distribution

Spectrum Manufacturing produces high quality data distribution products for simple buffering, multiplying, isolating and protecting console DMX outputs. 

Magic Box Series

Power Supply

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