About Us

About Us

Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. is an OEM and ODM of high quality professional lighting solutions for the entertainment, event and architectural lighting industry. Operating since 1996, Spectrum is renowned worldwide for delivering innovative products with superior levels of performance and reliability.

Our elite research and design team have been leaders in technology since the company’s beginning and have been the first to produce innovations such as foam assisted plastic injection, chip on board LED, variable phosphor technology, homogenous multi-colour output and more.

Such innovation is made possible by our state-of-the-art facilities, light lab, clean room, 3D printing room and other spaces. Spectrum Manufacturing prides itself on its production process which is based on consistency, speed and quality to ensure that our wide range of customized LED products and niche accessories are of the highest grade.


Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. began its journey as a top-tier manufacturer in 1996 with its inception of the first plastic injection Color Scroller. Under the visionary leadership of the company’s founder, Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. quickly became a leading manufacturer of scrollers by pioneering the use of composite materials, injection moulding and state of the art electronics.

In 2002 with the advance of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. began designing and producing many other electromechanical effect devices and has since been the pioneer of integrating LEDs into new technology and high-quality lighting luminaires.

A worldwide distributor acquired Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. in 2003 which strengthened the company, leading to the release of the now-famous color block. Revolutionary for the industry, this line of products provided a compact and reliable lighting instrument for the first time. The quality of the color block’s light consistency and dimming abilities became signature traits that would come to characterize Spectrum’s product quality from then on.

The company’s innovation didn’t stop there. After the success of the color block, Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. went on to pioneer COB (chip on board) technology, followed by variable phosphor technology and the world acclaimed homogenized high output.

With 30 years of experience, Spectrum Manufacturing has established itself as a key player in quality lighting and maintains this status through continual growth and innovation.

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